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Owing to Dean Armstrong QC’s financial City Institution background, combined with his 1st class legal advocacy as one of the UK’s top-rated LIBOR and FOREX barristers and QC’s, Dean is able to offer quick, effective and practical assistance - not only post-charge, but pre-charge too.




Indeed, Dean is often retained in circumstances where companies and/or individuals seek advice over matters which are not, at that stage, subject to any formal investigation.

In this case, Dean’s approach is to pro-actively address and engage the matter, rather than waiting for “a knock on the door”.

In this way, should the worst happen and a formal investigation ensue, internal or external, a tactically judged path will already have been taken by one of the UK’s top-rated financial trading barristers.

It is Dean’s view that only those who have seen what it is like to work in the environment of a financial institution, can really understand and appreciate the tension that there is between adherence to regulation and the taking of commercial decisions in order to maximise income.

It is a road which is also constantly changing, and Dean believes that there is a culture in some institutions to put a blanket prohibition on a potential scheme because this will mean no risk.

Dean’s experience in these institutions, coupled with his long and wide ranging legal experience and advocacy, allows him to be more constructive both in advising on the compliance implications of these proposed schemes and also to quickly assist those who are alleged to have fallen foul of either regulatory or criminal issues.

As one of the UK’s top-rated LIBOR and FOREX barristers and QC’s, Dean’s approach is simple: Due to his unique combination of financial City and legal expertise, he will incisively identify what can and can’t be done.

If the matter is at the pre-charge stage, Dean will limit the potential exposure, and if at the post-charge stage, Dean will be robustly pro-active in providing a forceful defence to any suggestion of wrongdoing.

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