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Top-Rated Murder & Manslaughter
Defence & Appeals Barrister

Michael Wolkind KC is recognised as one of the UK’s top-rated murder barristers. He is renowned for unleashing the most penetrating of witness cross-examinations and employing masterful tactical & strategic murder defences, that give rise time and time again, to outstanding outcomes.


Nationally recognised as a top murder and manslaughter barrister, Michael has been the lead advocate in many murder trials and appeals. A prestigious legal directory describes him as “an exceptional defence advocate with a proven track record of success in high-profile cases”.

Michael has successfully defended clients against every type of murder charge (and closely-related charge) brought by the Crown Prosecution Service, and alleged to have taken place in a variety of settings, including:


Image of Top-Rated Murder and Manslaughter Defence and Appeals Barrister - London & UK - Michael Wolkind KC - formerly QC

Michael probably gets more Google 5 Star Reviews than any other criminal defence barrister practicing in the UK today.

The reviews not only rave about his extraordinary legal skills and craftmanship, but also his friendly, approachable and calmly supportive manner.

Best Murder Defence & Appeals Barrister KC
[formerly QC]

[formerly QC]

Michael is in constant media demand, and has appeared on:

Michael Wolkind QC

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