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There has never been a time when top-rated money laundering barristers like Dean Armstrong QC, are required as they are today. This now popular charge enables prosecutors to spread their case over a wide arc, and success can often be achieved with a lower standard of proof than for other areas of law.




In fact, Dean has successfully represented clients who have been accused of money laundering millions of pounds.

Due to the nature of the charge, Dean always ensures that the accused person’s rights are respected. That involves making sure that the allegation made is clear and specific. This clarity means that the prosecution can’t shift their position.

The importance of this cannot be overstated and it will affect Dean’s selected methodology in successfully defending these types of allegations.

In particular it allows Dean to argue that certain evidence should not be admitted against the accused person. It also ensures that the defence of the case can be achieved with a clear focus and can’t be altered by the prosecution if progress is made. Further, it allows Dean to obtain material not used by the prosecution to counteract what is being said by the crown.

Dean’s excellence in advocacy and experience as a top-rated money laundering barrister, enables him to present the case in the most attractive way to seek to ensure the achievement of the desired result.

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