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Dean Armstrong QC is known as a top-rated murder barrister. He is recognised as a powerful advocate whose ability to cross examine prosecution witnesses to significant effect produces excellent outcomes for his clients accused of murder, including not guilty verdicts, such as in the example below.




His last murder case required this combination of powerful advocacy and forensic judgement when he represented a young man in Bristol charged along with another man with the alleged murder of someone known to him.

Dean set out his tactics at the start of the case and cross examined a series of witnesses to such great effect that the case against his client was stopped at the end of the prosecution case and a not guilty verdict was entered.

The prosecution did not give up and appealed to the Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal agreed with Dean’s argument and the not guilty verdict remained.

Dean’s elevation to QC was based on the recognition of his excellence in advocacy and this is nowhere better seen than in cases where his clients are accused of murder. His sensitive handling of prosecution witnesses coupled with firmness when required, together with his eloquent and powerful closing speeches, have seen him achieve many stunning results, resulting in his recognition as a top-rated murder barrister.

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