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Dean Armstrong QC

Top-Rated Criminal Defence Barrister

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Dean Armstrong QC speaking about his approach to Appeals.

Watch one of the UK’s leading cybercrime barristers speak about this troubling yet fast growing area of law.

See how Dean Armstrong QC approaches asset confiscation.


Dean is devoted to his young son.

Aside from him, Dean has a love for his work through which he derives great pride and satisfaction. He is no stranger to hard work and believes that preparation is the key to ensuring success.

In the little time that Dean has to spare after his family and his work, Dean is a great lover of sport having played team sports both at school and university. What Dean has learned from this is the importance of understanding how to be the most effective performer, even if that is in a team context.

Dean is well known as being personable and approachable but strong and firm when required.

He believes that the most important qualities that an advocate/adviser can have are an ability to immediately understand a client’s position and, most importantly a sense of sound judgement so that proper, effective and constructive advice can be given to ensure the best result.


See Dean speak about building a powerful defence for those accused of VAT Fraud.


Dean is one of the UK’s top-rated criminal defence barristers and QC’s.  As a result of his previous highly successful legal academic career followed by his thriving current high-profile practice as a QC, he is one of the most sought-after legal advocates for criminal cases.

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